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2022 Top Beauty Sellers

k18 hair mask + tatcha lip mask + vitamin c serum + mascara + retinol + t3 curling iron + t3 blow dryer + st. tropez self tanner + tula facial cleanser + tula moisturizer + triple lipid restore + bb hair cream

Today on the blog I’m sharing the top 2022 BEAUTY sellers! Sometimes it’s overwhelming finding skincare, hair tools, and hair products you like…. but you’re in luck because today I’m sharing all my MUST HAVE items that all of you love too!!


tula facial cleanser + pmd deep cleaner


If you’ve been here for a while, then you know that Tula is my go-to skin care! I’ve gotten so many of you hooked on their products too! I seriously could not live without their facial cleanser and moisturizer. It’s totally helped mine and Hunter’s skin. I also love their brightening eye balm and sunscreen. And don’t forget to use code KAILEE for 15% off your entire order!


This hair mask has been a game changer for my hair and for so many of you too! This mask helps with hair damage restoring strength, softness, and smoothness. It’s a leave-in conditioner, so I shampoo my hair in the shower and then I use about 2 dime size amounts of the K18 on my damp hair and put it all over my hair! I don’t rinse it out, I just wait about 5 minutes until I start styling my hair. To all my blonde friends – you need this! I see a major difference in my hair when I am consistently using this mask. It’s worth every penny! I also use the K18 shampoo and it’s my favorite.

vitamin c serum + triple lipid restore


I’ve used the SkinCeuticals brand for years and absolutely love it. My favorite product they have is the Vitamin C Serum! I have loved it and the results I am seeing. It reverses the signs of again by boosting your collagen, corrects hyperpigmentation, and protects your skin from UV damage. So many benefits and it is so simple to add to your routine!

The Retinol is amazing for new skin turnover! I put it on every night, and it’s helped with fine lines, wrinkles, and my dark spots. Only use a tiny bit because it’s really strong. The Triple Lipid is INCREDIBLE. It is super moisturizing. It was recommended by my esthetician, and I can’t go a day without it.


Such a random name for a mascara, right? But trust me on this!! Hunter and I swear by this mascara. We’ve tried tons and this one has been our favorite by far! You’ll thank us later.

st. tropez self tanner + bracelets [code KAILEEWRIGHT15]


The St. Tropez Self-Tan Express Bronzing Mousse is hands down my favorite tanner I have found. It gives such a good, dark, quality color while still looking very natural. No orange oompa loompa look here! It is also a mousse rather than a lotion, so it goes on relatively easy, isn’t streaky, and you can easily see where you are applying it as you go. My trick to getting the best tan out of it is to treat it like an overnight tan still. Put it on at night and sleep on it before rinsing. That gives it more time to develop and get you the best color!


If you haven’t tried this Tatcha lip mask, you need to buy it ASAP! I honestly like it better than the Laneige lip mask. I love putting it on before bed, it’s totally hydrated my lips and made them much smoother!

t3 curling iron + similar jacket


My T3 smart curling iron is my favorite curling iron by far. I have the 1.25 barrel size and it gives me the perfect wavy curls! What I love about this curling iron is that it doesn’t have any buttons! You just spin the bottom of the curling iron to change the heat setting! I also love the T3 blow dryer and flat iron! If you have any T3 hair tools, then you understand my love for them!


So many of you ordered this Bb hair cream after I showed how I use it on stories! After years, I finally found a product I love for my natural curly hair. It’s just this one product! It’s a cream, not a gel. My main trick is do not comb your hair after you shower! In the shower, I shampoo and condition my hair and use a pick to comb it. When I get out of the shower, I just squeeze my hair damp. Then I just do a quarter size amount of the cream and the scrunch it in my hair! Then I just let it dry. I don’t even use a diffuser. It’s seriously been a game changer! Hudson even uses it on his short curly hair and loves it.

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That wraps up the 2022 top beauty sellers! If you missed the top home sellers, then check it out here.

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