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St. George Update

If you’re here, you obviously know about our crazy story and that we are moving to St. George! Here is that blog post if you missed it. We love that so many of you have been on this journey with us for so long. It’s been a crazy ride, especially these last 6 months! So thank you to everyone who has shown so much support to us during all our times of unknown! Today I’ll be sharing all the details about St. George…. when we’re moving, where we will live while we build, update on house plans, and more!




We are moving to St. George in 2 weeks!!!! We’re in St. George this weekend and have already moved most of our stuff down here!! Here’s the backstory…..

When we were in St. George over Christmas break, we were looking for rentals and it was rough! We couldn’t really find any rentals that allowed dogs and had 4 bedrooms! We found a couple homes, but there weren’t any in the area that we were wanting to live. We were wanting to find somewhere where the kids could stay in the same school boundary so that when our new build is finished, they don’t have to change schools again.

So after looking for a week, we didn’t have much luck finding a rental. But since the housing market has changed, there were tons of homes for sale. We weren’t even thinking about buying a home, but the day before we left St. George, we decided last minute to go check out a few homes and see if there was anything we’d be interested in buying. My sister-in-law took us to see three houses and the one we really liked had already gotten a full price offer so that was a bummer. BUT there was a house for sale close by our lot that Joe and I didn’t totally love when we looked at it online, but we decided to go see it anyways. We went and looked at it and we actually loved it! It’s smaller than we hoped, but it will be fine. All 5 kids will be sharing a bathroom, but it’s perfect and it was in our price range. We put in an offer that night and they accepted it the next day!! In a matter of 4 days, we had bought a house!!

So since we have a home in St. George we just figured we should move as soon as we can and not be paying rent for the home we’re in now! We are just so thankful for how smoothly this worked out. The kids will be in the same neighborhood, school boundaries, and same church ward as our new build, so it won’t be a huge move when our house is built!


We told Hayden and Hudson together and they were actually really excited about it! We had just left St. George from Christmas break so they were excited. They always have fun down there with cousins and grandparents. We waited a day or two to tell Hunter because we didn’t feel like it was the right timing. But it didn’t go very well. She was very upset and sad….which is expected when you have less time than you thought. So this past week has just been lots of chats, tears, and hugs. She’s accepted it now and I’m just so thankful for her example and bravery.

We’ve started packing up our house! We just did this 5 months ago and feels so crazy to be doing it again, but we’re just so excited to get where we need to be.


We’ve already begun house plans! We found a builder and are meeting with Elizabeth again for designing. We are trying to use some of the designs from the old house, but we’ve really just had to start over. We are just so excited to get going! The plan is to break ground sometime in April and our builder says it will take about a year/year and a half from start to finish.

. . .

Again, thank you to everyone who has been so supportive during this crazy journey of ours!! We are so excited for this new chapter of our lives!

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  1. I’m so excited for you all! Moving is tough, especially with kids. We lived in 3 states in 11 months – that was not planned! our kids were resilient. looking back they have so many unique memories, friends across the country, and a strength they never knew they had before. we don’t always understand God’s timing or plan – but what he has instore for us is more magnificent than we could ever plan for ourselves. God bless your sweet sweet family!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS—this is CERTAINLY exciting News! I am probably your Mom’s age, but i enjoy following along with you and your family. I love your joyful heart!


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