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5 Life Hacks for a more productive day

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Anyone else feel like life is in constant busy stage of go go go. My to do lists seem to be multiplying even when I’m crossing things off!! I’ve started to notice that certain habits I’ve gotten into can really make or break my day when it comes to my productivity. Those few little tweaks that can make all the difference! So toady I thought I’d share 5 of my life hacks for a more productive day!

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Have you ever heard of your trigger habit? I first heard about it from my friend Merrick and was super intrigued to learn more, and try to figure out if I really had one. If you don’t know what it is, the simplified definition is that one thing that changes your whole day, and causes a ripple effect to how it goes, and in turn how productive you are. It was so crazy to me, but the more I focused on it, I realized I really do have one. It is beyond simple, but for me it is making my bed. Seems a little nuts, but I swear it really does make or break my day. It starts my day off with a sense of accomplishment and order, and just knowing I have something checked off my list puts me in a better place and feeling productive from the start. It’s incredible how one little shift can somehow create the momentum to change so many parts of your day, your attitude, and your life.

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I don’t know about you, but waking up to a mess instantly puts me in a bad mood. When I take the time to pick up around the house before going to bed, I feel like I wake up ahead of the game, instead of with that on my to do list as soon as my eyes open. Just like making your bed, I love that it gives the day a fresh start and to me a clean house is a HAPPY house! It doesn’t need to be spotless everywhere, but putting in the effort to get at least the main area you will be in in the morning clean before bed makes all the difference in your attitude and how productive you are!

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Preparing what you can the night before, instantly ups how productive your day will be. Again you are clearing things off your to do list to help the day run smoothly. For us this means getting backpacks ready, outfits picked out, and even some parts of lunches done. If you are heading into work, you can appl the same idea. Pick out your outfit the night before, have what you can of your breakfast ready to go. Anything you can do to simplify the morning rush will lead to a more productive day.

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For years and years I functioned off of 4-5 hours of sleep. Staying up late and then trying to start my day early. I am a firm believer if you can get 8 hours of sleep, you can do anything! My mind is clearer, I’m a nicer mom, and I have the energy to start my day off with a workout that always makes such a difference for me. A fresh well rested start = a  more productive ( and HAPPY) day.

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Last but not least is to designate your time. Set aside specific times of day for work, for cleaning, for family etc. and do your best to focus on just that subject. Trying to balance both at the same time adds more stress and as much as i love to try to do it, multitasking usually results in low quality results. I want to give my full self to what I’m working on. If you are a stay at home mom, that does not mean you can’t schedule your day or use a planner. Designate a specific day for laundry, for groceries, for you time. It is ok and actually extremely helpful to schedule motherhood!

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I know these are the simplest tips to being more productive. But for me they have been SUCH a game changer. It is the difference between feeling sluggish or like I can conquer the day! Figuring out little things we can change that make big impacts on our time and efficiency are what its all about in this parenting game, so I hope they are helpful! I’d love to hear your little tips + tricks to make your day productive and awesome too!

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  1. i do all these, too, wIth the exception of making specific time for Things. That is a great tip about Scheduling time for kids, yourself, tasks etc. making the bed, clean house and prepping the night before are LIFESAVERS with a big family.
    Thank you for the tips!!


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