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Our Home: Harper’s Nursery

Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery

similar top   |  jeans harper’s headband  |  rug  |  glider  |  side table  |  gold mirror

Knowing Harper is our last baby has been such a different experience. I think for us, it has reminded us to enjoy every little minute since these will be our last “baby firsts”. When it came to designing Harper’s Nursery, I really wanted to savor every minute. I knew it was the last little nursery I’d be creating. So I really wanted it to be a place I loved that I could soak up allll the baby goodness in. If you remember in our California home I had my sweet friend, Annalisa from Oilo Studio help me help put her creative touch on the space. She’s amazing + her eye for modern baby design is out of this world. I could not be happier with how it turned out!

Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery

  tree  |  basket similar + here  |  crib bedding pink pillow  |  art  |  rug  |  book caddy 

If you’ve been here for a while, you probably saw that we originally designed Harper’s Nursery in the tiny rental. I love that I was able to take that same design, and transform it into her current space. The new house is also full of big bright windows, which we love. However, that light does come as a downfall when it comes to nap time. We were beyond thrilled to get our new blinds in from Park City Blinds. I love that we can still enjoy that bright happy light during play time, but she can sleep peacefully once they are down.

I think my favorite thing about Harper’s Nursery is the rug, and by the amount of direct messages I get about it, I think it is yours too! haha! I can’t say enough good about it, or the other details in the room from Serena + Lily. Every single piece from them I own is such high end quality. I just love the way they can pull a space together and be the finishing touch it needs.

I am so happy that we decided to add a bathroom as part of Harper’s Nursery space. It probably seems like overkill now when she is just little, but it has actually been so convenient for easy clean up. We love knowing she can grow into the space instead of out of it so quickly, and if we decide to convert it to a guest room or for one of the big kids, it is still super functional.

Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery

basket similarplant basket dresser  art rug  |  light

Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery

Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery


Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery

rocking horse  |  similar pink storage baskets + gray baskets  |  labels  |

Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery


Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery


Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery

Kailee Wright Harper Room nursery

photos : aubrey taiese 

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  1. I LOVE her nursery! Can you tell me what brand of carpet you have in the closet? We are about to re-do our guest room and I love that textured look!

  2. Super cute room for your baby girl!! Love it. I love the rug as well!!! is it super soft and does it seem to hold up well? Thanks so much!!

  3. Where is that chair from in her nursery? I’m in the market for a new recliner/glider for my nursery!

  4. I can’t find the bathroom light and the link takes me to thousands of lights. Would you mind sending the name of the light?It’s so perfect.

    1. It is from Lighting Design. If you contact them and ask for Mendee she has all the details on my order! Hope that helps!

  5. Hi kailee! Every detail of her room is beyomd perFect! Youve inspired me so much for my baby girl on the way and i’ve neen considering the Lolly collection at potterybarn kids…i was wondering how you felt aput the quality of the dresser(??). I would love your thOughts before i inVest since they arent carrying it in my loCal store. Thanks again for your inSpiration!!

    1. Hi Megan! Thanks so much for your kind words! We have really loved the Lolly Dresser and think the quality is amazing. It has been with us through a move and we’ve had it for about 2 years and it is still in perfect condition

  6. Hi Kailee!

    I ahve to say that you were my number one inspiration to prepare the nursery for my baby girl, that will arrive soon.
    I loved the ficus lyrata you put in harper’s nursery, and I really want one in mine… the one you have is real or a art version?
    I am in doubt about if is ok to have real plants in a baby room.

    Congratulations for the work!

  7. EveRy detail is ABSOLUTELY Gorgeous! Dreamiest Nursery ever. Do you know what color white paint is on your walls?! I love it so mucH!

  8. love thIs so much. What colour is the glider? Do you find the faveic holds up well to stains/can they be removed easily?

  9. Can you please share what carpet you dId? We are building a house and need to pick out the carpet ASAP. Yours is perfect!


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