Upping My Skin Care Game: Resolve Treatment - Kailee Wright
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Upping My Skin Care Game: Resolve Treatment

Kailee Wright skin care resolve treatment

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By now I think most of you know about my goal or focus to really take better care of my skin.Whether I like it or not, I’m not getting any younger so I know that now is the time to really invest my time + resources in to taking care of it.  I’ve been working with the team over at Form Med Spa and absolutely loving their treatments. I shared about my favorite treatment, the Hydrafacial, here as well as the not as relaxing but equally beneficial Microneedling here. Today I wanted to continue in sharing about my treatments, but telling you all about the Resolve Treatment!

Kailee Wright skin care resolve treatment

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Resolve is a laser treatment that gently removes unwanted skin spots and scarring.  New collagen and elastin are built under the skin in tiny spaces created by the laser. The pigment in the skin is targeted and it breaks it down into smaller sections. So by doing this it is breaking up the visible appearance of the discoloring. Scarring, wrinkles, and dark spot removal are the main focus.


The benefits of Resolve are incredible! When it comes to wrinkles, it is one of the best needle free ways to reduce the look of wrinkles. The lasers stimulate collagen + elastin which tightens everything right up. Resolve is probably most effective for dark spots or sun spots, which is why I tried it out. Most people see results on these areas after only one treatment.


I know that when you read laser, it probably triggers the thought of pain, but it actually wasn’t terrible. Definitely a walk in the park compared to microneedling. It is however, still a hot uncomfortable zapping machine. Would I say it is a relaxing treatment? Definitely not, but its tolerable without too much pain.


This is a factor that I think completely depends on your face. For me personally, my face is pretty resilient. I got Resolve done once on my face and then once on my neck + chest. My neck looked a lot more beat up and had red + purple dots/spots, but not full on bruising. They only lasted a day or so, and definitely wern’t something you couldn’t go out in public with. I did have a reaction where I got a lot of little bumps on my chin, like a breakout. I’ve never been one to have acne, but they said this can be a normal reaction, and goes away quickly. It is actually so popular because there is little to no downtime after treatment.


The time between treatments varies for everyone, but I think is around 4-8 weeks. I think for most cases they recommend 3-4 treatments but that can vary as well. .The treatment itself is only about 20 minutes.  As far as pricing goes, at Form Med, it is around $550.

So I think that covers all the ins and outs of Resolve. If you have spots or scarring it is definitely worth looking into. I go back for my next resolve treatment in a couple weeks and will keep you updated as to what I think this time around!  If you have any questions, please leave them here or over on Instagram!

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