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Boys Buzz + Bleach

Today on the blog I’m sharing how to do the “Buzz and Bleach” on boys’ hair! I’ve gotten so many questions about what I used so I wanted to put everything here where you can refer back to. Hudson loves having his head buzzed and bleached so naturally Houston wanted to do it too! Does anybody else have sons who are wanting to do this? It’s easy to do it from home, just follow the steps below!


Kailee Wright Boys Buzz + Bleach

houston’s shirt || hudson’s shirt + necklace


Before I share the steps, I just wanted to share that the way it turns out fully depends on how dark and how light the hair is. First off, I would say just go to a professional because ultimately that’s going to be the safest. But I know a lot of boys and parents who want a buzz and bleach do not want to go to professional, so I’m sharing the professional items I use! And again, I’m not guaranteeing that it will work on everyone but I’m sharing the standard products you’ll need! I’ve been doing hair for over 20 years so I am very experienced with which products to use.

Kailee Wright Boys Buzz + Bleach

black cape + barstools + shower caps


First off, buzz the hair!! We’ve used these Wahl clippers for years and love them. The biggest question I get is what number we use to buzz. I truly feel like a number two is a true buzz. This past time, we did a number 3 for Hudson and a number 4 for Houston. The reason I did number 4 is because Houston’s hair is really fine and really light so if I would’ve gone shorter on his hair, you basically would’ve been able to see his scalp because he’s super blonde already. Hudson’s hair is very dense and thick so we did a number 3. You can always start with a number 4 and then 3 and then go to number 2…. so maybe start at 4 because you can always take off more. I truly don’t feel like you don’t need to go to a professional to get buzzed, just use clippers and you’ll be good!


This is the best powder to start with. It will lighten nine levels , depending on how dark your hair is. You’re gonna want to use a 20 volume, because it’s less painful on the scalp (volume 30 and 40 will start to be a little bit painful but 30 volume will lift lighter and so will 40 volume, so I would do what you think your boys can handle). I used 20 on Hudson. So just follow the directions and it’ll tell you exactly the ratios of powder and developer to mix. I use 20 volume on Hudson but he’s a level six. If you’re anything darker, like a level five or four, I would probably use 30 or 40 volume. Mix it up and make sure it’s fully saturated before you rub it on the scalp. I use a glove to rub it all in. Make sure you cover all of the scalp. Then put a shower cap on them, so the product won’t dry out. Leave it on for the time it suggests, maybe even a bit longer if you can.

Next, shampoo that out and then use toner. This toner is by far my favorite! It will go on purple, but it will cut out the yellow and gold color. If you leave it on too long, it will go purple, so you’ll want to follow the directions. You’ll mix the toner with a 7 or 10 developer. Then you’ll rub it on the scalp. Most times, you’ll just need to leave the toner on for about 10 minutes. If the hair is lighter, you will not need to leave the toner on as long. So again, that’s why I’m stressing the importance of reading the directions! (All the directions are on these products and of course, we’ve linked the products for you, but of course, you can purchase them at professional Beauty supplies as well, but you’re gonna have to have a beauty license). Here is a kit you can order on Amazon that includes primer, powder, and developer!

Kailee Wright Boys Buzz + Bleach

my tank + developer


Be sure to use a purple shampoo! The purple shampoo helps make sure the gold/yellow color doesn’t come back. But to be clear, the purple shampoo does not wash your hair so you’ll want to use a normal shampoo AND then a purple shampoo. You don’t need to leave it on for very long. Rinse out your regular shampoo and then apply the purple shampoo. I just tell Hudson to leave the purple shampoo in while he washes his body, then rinse it out.

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Hope this helps and answers all your questions! Be sure to tag me if you try this!!

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