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How We Designed Our House Plans

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When Joe found out he got a job in Utah, we were so excited! Besides the joy of being closer to family, we would be able to finally build a home for our family! The more we looked at house plans, we realized nothing really fit what we were looking for. We had waited so long, we wanted it to be perfect. We decided we would design our own house plans!

When I mentioned on Instagram that we designed our house plans, I got a lot of questions asking what program we used and if I could share more details. The biggest shocker to most people is we didn’t use a computer…at all. haha! Through the years we paid attention to things we loved or needed, and made a wish list. Our biggest priorities were lockers, the pantry, and storage space. Being stuck in such a small space in California made us crave a more functional organized home. We found two plans that we liked pieces of, and decided we could combine them to create something that would fit our wants and needs.

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Joe is kind of a nerd so he took care of all the details. We drew it out on a piece of graph paper, and he calculated what each of those little squares would equal in feet. Every time we made a change, we would retrace the plan on a new sheet of graph paper. I can’t even count how many “rough drafts” we went through. Our number one goal was to make sure every single corner was utilized and very thoughtfully designed.

Once we had the interior layout just how we wanted, we took it to our builder. He was able to take those plans and help us create the exterior look. We knew we wanted to stand out in the neighborhood + have a modern feel.

If I could give any tips for those of you building a new home, whether now or down the road, it would be to do you. You don’t always have to fit in to the norm if that’s not you. Make lists + save pictures of everything, whether its a want or a need. As they change, change your list. Your home is your space for you + your people to grow and love, so take the time to make it special.

Kailee-Wright-House PlansKailee-Wright-House PlansKailee-Wright-House PlansKailee-Wright-House Plans

photos: aubrey taiese


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    1. No I don’t think we will be. I’ll be doing a house tour with all the details, but the actual plan is kind of personal to us.

    1. No I don’t think we will be. I’ll be doing a house tour with all the details, but the actual plan is kind of personal to us.


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