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Our Homeschool Update

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We’ve been homeschooling Hayden and Hudson for 3 weeks now, so I wanted to share an update about how we are all feeling about it so far! I totally felt crazy when school started. We were dealing with selling our house, moving into the rental, and had a lot going on. But, a ton of people reached out to me and just encouraged me to stick with it. One lady told me that homeschooling is like having a newborn baby, and that is seriously the greatest analogy! You’re so excited for your newborn but then when you’re up with it all night, you’re kind of like “crap, what do we do?”. There have definitely been moments where I don’t know what I’m doing or even why I’m doing this, but then I’m always reminded throughout the day of the blissfulness of homeschool.



Both Hudson and Hayden wake up around 7:45. While I am taking the younger kids to school, Hayden starts her Savvy reading at 8:00, then she hops on Prodigy at 8:30. When Hudson wakes up, he goes downstairs to work out and then gets his keyboarding/typing lesson done. When I get home at 9:00, Hayden, Hudson, and I will just chat. We’ll also do a history lesson if we need to. Joe had 2 random days off of work, so I had him teach history which was such a relief to have a break. Then at 10:00, I usually have work meetings, so Hayden’s teacher comes Monday-Thursday from 10:00-11:30 and teaches her the core subjects… english, math, science, and language arts. It has been a huge relief for me that I don’t have to teach her the core stuff. She’s really into fashion design, so I talk to her about that. While Hayden is with her teacher, Hudson is doing reading, writing, and guitar in his room. Then I take Hudson to school at 11:30. He goes to lunch at school and also takes 3 core classes there too. I pick up Harper form school after dropping Hudson off. When we get home, me, Hayden, and Harper all make and eat lunch together! That has been such a great advantage of homeschooling for Hayden… getting to eat whatever she wants! She’s been creative with making herself meals, smoothies, etc. After lunch, I help Harper with her homework while Hayden does her times tables and finishes her homework from her teacher.

Hayden’s teacher only comes Monday-Thursday and her Savvy reading is also only Monday-Thursday, so Friday’s are usually pretty laid back. We usually just snuggle and read together in the mornings and then we’re done. So we both love Friday’s!

So that’s our homeschool daily routine. It has been so nice because after homeschool, Hayden is free to go play and go to gymnastics. It was always a huge battle with Hayden when she would get home from public school because she would be tired and ornery, but still have to do her reading, spelling, and homework. So it’s such a relief that we don’t have to deal with that anymore.

hudson’s top


We are using The Good and The Beautiful program to teach history. I bought the book and I just read out of it for the lessons. There is no preparation for the lessons and the kids have audibles that they can listen to too. You can also go to their website and print out the worksheets that go with the lesson. So far, the program has worked great. It has focused a lot about God and the bible, but I love that I can tweak it and teach whatever I want while integrating it with our religion.


Hudson is enjoying his half/half schedule. He still gets to see his friends and go to lunch, so he’s been fine with everything. He has talked about switching his schedule for the second half of the year and going to public school in the mornings and coming home in the afternoons so he can have time to go skiing. Hayden is still getting used to homeschool. She comes with me when I pick up the younger kids from school, and so she’ll hop out and say hi to her friends. She sometimes mentions that she wants to go back to school. Nothing is set in stone, so we’re keeping an open mind. We are trying out homeschooling until October, and then we will reevaluate. We are still getting into the groove of homeschooling.


. . .

I am obviously still trying to get settled into this homeschooling thing! But I’m being very gentle with myself and not expecting a ton. Along with homeschooling, I also run 2 businesses so I am just doing what I can. I’m still trying to get used to this, so please share with me all your homeschooling tips! I know many of you have been interested in our homeschooling journey, so I hope you enjoyed this update!

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