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Five Things to do with Your Family

Since it’s summer, I really try and make an effort to do something fun and different to get us out of the house so the kids aren’t stuck home every day — driving each other crazy! So I thought I’d share a few activities we try to do on a weekly basis. These are just five of our favorite things to do as a  family for the Summer!

SWIMMING AND LUNCH:  To beat the heat I like to take the kids to the pool in the morning and pack a lunch for the early afternoon. The kids love it, and love eating with their friends, and I love that I can come home to a clean house and don’t have to worry about cleaning up lunch after a day at the pool! I’ve rounded up some of our favorite swimsuits  for the whole family below! Enjoy!!



A BEACH DAY:  Fortunately, with living in So. California, we are lucky enough to  live close to the beach! This is such an easy outing and my kids always seem to get along when they are at the beach. Earlier this summer I did a post about about Three Tips for a Great Beach Day with Kids (trust me they are game changers). These tips are literally a life saver when going to the beach with kids! I usually pack the night before (if I’m going by myself) that way the morning is not so stressful trying to get everyone out the door.

PARK:  Going to the park is such a fun and easy outing to do with the little people. We love to meet up with friends, pack a lunch + have a little picnic while we’re there! That makes it so much more fun. The park changes up the every day routine and it’s great for a last minute idea to meet up with friends.

CRAFT DAY:  For this, I take the little people to Target and Michaels and let them each pick out 2 of their favorite crafts that they would like to do, whether that it’s play dough (I’m not a fan of — but I give in), markers, stickers, beads + jewelry making, etc. We throw them all in a craft basket and when it comes to craft day it’s easy to pull out and it’s all ready for the kids to work on. This is a simple and quiet activity that will entertain them for a couple of hours, while the baby naps and I catch up on house work.

MOVIE + PAJAMA DAY:  This is the perfect day after we’ve gone out for a couple times that week and I need to catch up on work and chores. As a mom, I feel like there is sometimes a  pressure of having to to all these activities with our kids, or entertain them 24/7 — However, you don’t have to feel like you have to go out every day, don’t put so much pressure on yourself. For these lazy days, we love to just relax and hang out in our pj’s. We’ll usually rent a movie together, bring out the sleeping bags, pop some popcorn and have a pizza “picnic” in our living room. We just make it a fun low key, relaxed day.

I hope this gives you some fun ideas to do with your little people this summer! It’s always nice to do something a little different every once in a while and these are perfect activities the whole family can enjoy together! Hope you all have a great four day holiday weekend!!! We are headed to Utah to spend the week with family. Love you all!!

xx – kails

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photos: corissa ann


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  1. You are so adorable! I love reading posts like this and seeing candid family photos. I love reading about your family tricks because you make being a mom look so fun! You are my #goals 😛

    1. Alison!!

      You are seriously the sweetest!! Thanks for your kind words + for following along!!