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Holiday Gift Guide: Men

Kailee Wright best mens gifts

my top + jeans  ||  joe’s top + jeans

CHRISTMAS EVE is 6 WEEKS away!! Can you even believe it?! If you’ve been joining us for the past few days, we’ve been tackling gift guides for everyone on your list to get your shopping done nice and early. Trust me, you’ll love it when you are done and get to actually enjoy the holiday season! It is my absolute favorite! So far we’ve covered Hunter’s wishlist for Teens, as well as our gift guide for both toddlers and bigger kids! Check them out if you haven’t already because they have some amazing ideas you’ll love! Today we are highlighting what for me is one of the trickiest of all. THE MEN! They never say what they want…ESPECIALLY Joe. And I don’t want to settle for boring. So I quizzed Joe and my brother in laws, did my research, asked you guys for your best ideas, and included some tried and true, and we put together some amazing ideas the men in your life will love!

kailee wright best men gifts

stanley tumbler  |  pillowtravel/gym duffel  |  wallet  |  massage gun  |  car detail kit  |  stance socks  |  airpod pro  |  bose headphones  |   yeti


If you haven’t already snagged an infamous Stanley Tumbler, you are thinking isn’t it just a cup? I promise you it is not!! It is so so good! First of all, let’s highlight my favorite part. It is giant AND it still fits in your cup holder!! It is about time someone figured that out! Next up it has a handle which makes it so convenient when your hands are full. Another highlight is of course the straw. I swear I drink wayyy more water if it is through a straw! And last but for sure not least is that it keeps your drink cold forever. Like 12 hours +.

I absolutely love mine and know these will sell out so so fast so stay tuned over on Instagram for me to announce the restock date!! It would make the perfect gift for girlfriends, teachers, parents, husbands, literally anyone! You can shop the original amazing colors and the 2 new options here.


If you’ve been around here for a while, you know my love for these pillows. They are such a dream, and the best part is they are customizable so they are a dream for anyone!! The microfiber filling can be removed to get it to your preferred firmness level. We love them so much we have gifted them to just about everyone in our family! Use code KW for 20% off!


We have been huge fans of this local UT brand for years! A few months ago before we went to Mexico we stocked up on their bags and they were such a game changer. They are the perfect size for a carry on, have plenty of pockets to keep things organized and are amazing quality! You can use code KAILEE for 20% off!


I got Joe one of these wallets last year and I don’t think he has ever loved a wallet more. They have such a timeless, classic look. His is called The Apollo and is kind of like a custom money clip style. It is thin and super sleek but still holds up to 10 cards and the pull tab makes it easy to access your most used one. I have gifted it to both Joe and brother in laws and they all love it! It is the perfect gift idea for men. You can use code WRIGHT20 for 20% off!


At home massage?? Need I say more? This gun is packed full of power and gives a pretty dang good massage. If your guy works out a lot it is going to be his dream gift for those sore muscles!! Plus who doesn’t love a gift you can use for you too? Haha!


Is there anything better than a squeaky clean car? With this kit your man will always have his car looking its best. It comes with everything they need to keep both the interior and exterior of his car looking amazing!


These socks are such a fun gift idea for men if you need to keep it lower budget. They come in a bunch of crazy or subtle pattern options, so you are sure to find one to fit your guys personality.


As if airpods weren’t dreamy enough, the new updated noise cancelling airpod pros are incredible! The sound quality and convenience are so great to have, and the new fit of them is so much better! I promise any guy on your list would love them!


When it comes to traveling, Joe loves to have these over ear headphones. He has had the bose noise cancelling version for years and would never switch to something else. The quality you get is worth every single penny. His are like new still after having them for years!


Last but not least is the Yeti. We surprised Joe with this last year and he absolutely loved it!! We have used it in the backyard, on road trips, and even taken it to ball tournaments. It is such a high quality cooler and something more unique for men that already have everything!

Kailee Wright best mens gifts


If you are like me, sometimes you feel like the men already have everything they could possibly need. That is why  one of my favorite gifts for Men is the gift of experiences. Spending time together or with their friends + family. Plan something they will love that they wouldn’t normally treat themselves too!

:: Overnight with You

Schedule an overnight date with you! Don’t just give them a card that says let’s go on a date night, PLAN IT and just tell them they are coming! Check their work schedule, schedule a babysitter, book the hotel, dinner reservations, everything!! Zero work for them and a break from real life they will love!

:: Golf Trip with Boys

Spending time with the guys is an easy one you know they’ll love. But make it different this time and don’t just give it as a “I give you permission”. Schedule it out for them! Maybe work with his buddies wives to make it a group gift they all get this year to a course a few hours away and they make a weekend out of it. Make reservations for them and plan it out!

:: Year of Date Nights

This is one I LOVE to gift! If you know us, we really try hard to make date night a priority. And we are beyond ok with just the dinner and dessert option. But think of how fun it would be to plan 12 dates out for the year where you do something else. Make reservations for events or things you want to do in advance. Even if you can’t afford them all at once, just write the ideas in 12 envelopes and each month you have a fun out of the box date night planned together.

:: Plan Something Out Of Your Norm

As we get old, sometimes we get a little boring. And a lot of the time our guys are the ones that are still kids at heart wanting to go and do/try all the things. Plan something for you to go together that HE LOVES that is more out of the norm for you. Basically his dream date night. Make it about him. Here are some ideas!

. indoor sky diving . go shooting . axe throwing . race car driving . driving range . batting cages

:: Tickets to a getaway together 

If you wanted to go bigger, instead of planning a night out together, make it a trip. Somewhere he has always wanted to go or you want to go together. With Covid it could be as simple as a roadtrip  just the two of you!

Kailee Wright best mens gifts

Whether you are shopping for your hubby, boyfriend, son, brother, or dad…I hope this list helped spark the perfect gift idea for them! And if you have a genius idea I need to know about, leave it in the comments here or on Instagram so I can add it in!


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Coming later this week: In-laws + parents, women + more!

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