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Our Home: Master Bedroom + Bath

Kailee Wright Master Bedroom rove

 shades   bed  |  duvetdotted quilt  |  stripe pillows  |  fuzzy pillowart  |  nightstands  |  lights  |  couch  |  similar pom pom pillow  |  fan

Today we are continuing on the home tour and taking you inside our Master Bedroom + Bath! It has been a lonnnng time coming, but so worth it! We finally have all the pieces to complete the space and couldn’t be happier!

When I sat down to go over the design for our Master Bedroom with my close friend + designer Ashley, I told her I wanted it to feel clean, cozy, light, and bright. The first step to getting the light and bright I craved was the big windows! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, we have them around the whole house. I love how much more open and alive it makes everything feel. We were concerned about having such big windows in the Master Bedroom for both privacy + too much light when sleeping, but thanks to our auto shades from Park City Blinds, we can quickly transform the space. They have really been SUCH a game changer and they were so great to work with!!

Kailee Wright Master Bedroom minted

nightstands  pink vase  |  blue and white vase  |  greenery

Our Master Bedroom has actually became a place where we spend a lot of time as family too. Sometimes it is to tackle the laundry together. Sometimes it’s for a movie snuggle on the bed. We wanted the room to be comfortable for them too. We added this fun couch from Bed Bath & Beyond to the space and it is quickly becoming a favorite spot in the house. I’ll be honest, I only ever knew them for great quality bedding, but really never knew how many great modern furniture and accessory options they had. So when we found so many fun modern + unique pieces  like this sofa and bench, I was pleasantly surprised!

I’ve also been getting a lot of questions over on Instagram about our bed too! I really wanted something that matched our light flooring and didn’t feel like it weighed down the space, even though it is such big focal piece. You’ll notice we avoided having any dressers to keep the space open, and have everything organized in the Master Closet. So I was thrilled when Ashley found this amazing option from Rove.

Kailee Wright Master Bedroom

We wanted to keep with the simple, light, and bright,so we went with white bedding. It is such an easy way to brighten up your space and keep it looking timeless. I can switch up the design by just trading out a few pillows! For now I wanted to add a few pops of pink because it needed a touch of girly, so I threw in one of my very favorite pillows, as well as these pink vases (just on my side!) to give it a little pop. We balanced the girly by pulling some blue in with these two prints I fell in love with from Minted. I love that they bring color but aren’t too bold, and tie the couch in to the design.

Kailee Wright Master Bedroom

For lighting, we of course wanted something that could help brighten the space, but again I didn’t want the bulk. I asked my girl Mendee from Lighting Design who helped us source lights throughout the house if she had any ideas to fit my vision and of course she came through! These hanging Hudson Valley pendants were perfect for above the nightstands, allowing us to steer clear of any clutter.  Because we loved the lighting so much that we’ve even teamed up with Lighting Design + Mitzi by Hudson Valley for a GIVEAWAY!! Head to my latest Instagram Stories to see how to enter!!

To finish off the space, I went with my two favorite touches, pillows and plants! I cannot have a room without both!! To me it is such a great way to add a personalized touch to your space! It is no secret I am obsessed with these pillows, as they are now a part of every room in the house!

Kailee Wright Master Bedroom

 rug  |  steel planter + plants 

While I’m sharing the Master Bedroom, I thought I’d give you a peek inside the Master Bath too! Our main goal, like the rest of the house, was to keep it light and open. We wanted to avoid clutter as much as possible and love how it turned out!

So I think that covers everything in the space! But if I missed anything you wanted more details on, please let me know and I’ll add it to the post! I hope you love the space as much as we do!

xx kails

Kailee Wright Master Bedroom bed bath and beyond

  bench  |  blue pillow  |  grey stripe pillow  |  navy throw  |  shades 

Kailee Wright Master Bedroom mintedKailee Wright Master BedroomKailee Wright Master BedroomKailee Wright Master BedroomKailee Wright Master BedroomKailee Wright Master Bedroom minted

Kailee Wright Master BedroomKailee Wright Master Bedroom

. . MASTER BATH . . 

Kailee Wright Master BathroomKailee Wright Master Bathroom

lights  |  mirrors (custom made)  |  white  planters (similar)  |  white rugs  |  tile |  towel hook

Kailee Wright Master Bathroom

art  |  bench  |  pillow (similar) silver planter  |  fiddle leaf 

Kailee Wright Master Bathroom

photos : aubrey taiese + design : ashley cooper design


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  1. Just beautiful and comfy! Now I can se your “barn doors” much clearer than in your Instagram post. In the insta post you can’t tell they move from left to right and it looks like you have a drop down shutter look going on. It’s all designed so well! How do you keep all your plants from getting dusty?

    1. yes! if you search “flooring” on the blog, I have a post that shares the color and type and alllll the details!

  2. Oh so so gorgeous. I like your stile and i envy you how your hous is so organized and everything on it plays. I also have 5 kids and i clean all the time and it is not near like your home. Please talk about that maybe in a video and do your kids help because mine are not so happy about that. Do anyone help you or you do everything by yourself.
    You are so inspiring.thank you
    Xo xo from croatia

  3. I come back for inspo often especially now since I’m redecorating my home. I love the rug in your bedroom. The link on the page is not working. can you share where you bought it, please? Thanks!