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Meeting baby Houston + our family of six



my nightgown  |  (secret for holding in that belly)  belly bandit + bamboo bandit + spanx or yummy tummy  |  Houston’s hat + similar  |  blanket (similar)

Almost seven weeks ago our little people were finally able to meet the miracle baby we had waited so long for. The anticipation of not finding out the sex of the baby had been killing the kids the last few weeks before baby came. Hunter would try and brib us or nogatiate deals of how she could find out if the baby was a boy or a girl and she’d promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone. I don’t know how many times she asked to just call the docotor. Haha. Joe and I were serioulsy dying with all the ideas the little people were coming up with.

So the delivery day + was way longer then we had planned (you can read about it here) So originally we had told the little people they would be able to come see the baby in the afternoon…well the next morning was when they were finally able to see their new baby bother or sister. Joe had spent the night and gone home to get the kids and bring them down to the hospital to see the baby. We had all decided to not tell them what the baby was because we wanted to see their facial expressions when they walked into the room.

I was in the bathroom getting dressed and I could here their little screams + them running down the hall. I could hardly contain my excitement for them as they all had wanted the baby to be a boy, but as the delivery date got closer no one seemed to care anymore. I heard them get to the door and then heard our nurse from the pervious night say, “oh you guys are here to finally meet your baby brother!” I about died!!! The kids were just feet away from finding out and she had spilled the beans. (btw she was one of the sweetest nurses I had ever had, and she was so amazing and encouraging the day before…so there was no way I could be upset with her). When Joe told her the kids didn’t no what the baby was she about died!! I felt so bad for her. They came running into the room with the biggest smiles on their faces screaming, “It’s a boy!! It’s a boy!! We knew Jesus would send us a boy!!” It was seriously the sweetest + happiest moment ever. They were all over baby Houston…mauling him, kissing his head, pulling off his socks to check out his toes, rubbing his hair, and just rambling on about how perfect they thought he was. It is a moment I hope to never forget. And then the requesting of who could hold him first started. Haha.

We were finally our family of six…all in one place, all happy, and healthy! This was something we had all waited for for a very long time and it had finally happened. The joy + spirit I could feel in the room was unreal!! I am so grateful for our trials in live, even though how hard they may be at times they always end up making us stronger and I think so grateful for all the people and things we already have.

Thanks to my dear friend Corissa (Corissa Ann Photography) for spending the entire day + coming back the next day to capture these amazing moments for us!! Thank you sweet friend. Also, we want to THANK YOU ALL for all your sweet comments and concerns during our entire pregnancy and now after. I honestly appreciate every kind word and I am so grateful to share our experience with you. Thank you again for your support!!

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