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My Hair Routine

I always get asked questions about my hair routine, hair formula, etc, so I wanted to put that information all in one place that we can all refer back to! I’ve done hair for 20 years and am passionate about having a hair routine that keeps your hair healthy and strong. Sharing my hair routine and favorite products below!


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Shampoo– I wash my hair once a week! This shampoo has been a go-to for years. I switch off with this K18 shampoo as well. Both are so hydrating and have been my favorites for years.

Money Mask– Every 3 washes, I use this hydrating hair mask and it is MONEY! No pun intended. It’s truly that good. (When I use this mask, I don’t use a normal conditioner).


Paddle Brush– After the shower, I comb through my hair with this paddle brush starting with my ends! Starting at your ends helps not damage your hair + prevents tangle.

Leave in Conditioner– This is the first thing I put on my hair after the shower (if I use the K18 shampoo). I leave it in for 4 minutes before applying any other product to my hair, so make sure you read the instructions. I have been using this one for over a year now and it is AMAZING!! I promise I’ve tried so many, and nothing works like this one.

Hair Oil– Before drying, I add this oil throughout my hair. It helps add moisture (goodbye frizz) and has been a game changer for helping to repair my damaged hair and keep it hydrated.

Blow Dry Cream– I put this cream in my hair while it’s still wet! It’s a heat protectant so I use it before I blow dry my hair!


Paddle Brush– Again, this paddle brush works wonders for dry or wet hair. It’s a salon-quality brush!!

Blow Dryer– I’m sure you’ve heard all the hype about the Dyson hair products, but I will tell you, the blow dryer itself lives up to all the praise and 5-star reviews. It cuts your dry time in HALF and is basically a dream come true. Again, it is an investment, but one you will thank me for later!

Heat Protectant– I use this heat protectant once my hair is dry and I’m about to use a heat tool! Been using it for years on me and my girls.

Curling Iron– I’ve used this curling iron for over 8 years! I swear by it. I use it on the second heat setting, but Hunter even uses it on the lowest setting, and it gives the perfect curls that actually hold! I use the 1.25in barrel.

Flat Iron– This flat iron is amazing; I’ve used it for years. I just bought Hunter the T3 flat iron and she loves it! So I highly recommend either of those!

Hair Oil– Last but not least, I go through and add a little more of this hair oil to the ends of my hair to set the overall look!

… When I do my hair curly, all I use is this Bumble cream right when I get out of the shower. And that’s it! A little goes a long way. Hunter and Hudson also use it for their natural curls.


Scalp Brush– Before bed I use this scalp brush because it helps stimulate hair growth and get the blood flowing to your head for healthy hair!

Hair Oil– I always put more hair oil in the ends of my hair to help prevent frizz and keep my hair hydrated.

Slip Scrunchies– Lastly, I throw my hair up in a bun on the top of my head using these silk scrunchies. They are a must have. They help my curls last all night and don’t cause any kinking or breakage.


Modere Collagen– I’ve used this collagen for over 4 years and it’s by far the best one I’ve tried! And I’ve tried tons! It’s been a game changer for my hair thickness and growth!

Nutrafol– I’ve taken these pills the last 4 months and I’m starting to see some results! My hair and nails have been growing quick. It takes 3-6 months of consistently taking them to see the improvement! You can use my link for $50 off your first 3 months or $106 off your first 6 months!


This is exactly what my Hairdresser Evan sent to me….

Color: Shades eq

Highlight: Lightener + 10/20 volume + bond builder

Lowlight: 7nb/7g/7n equal parts + processing solution

Root tap (if needed): 7na/7nv/7n equal parts + processing solution

Gloss: 9G/9aa/clear equal parts + processing solution

. . .

Hopefully that answers every single hair question you’ll ever have. You’re always welcome to message me on Instagram if you have any other questions. Thank you for being here!


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