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Our Home: Laundry Room

Kailee Wright Laundry room

top black jeans  |  harper romper + headband  |  baskets stripe pillow  |  navy pillow  |  planter  |  light


Today on the home tour is a space that is not necessarily one we all get excited about, but is definitely used daily! When we were designing our house plans, this was a huge space that was a big concern to us. We’ve never had the space to dedicate a large room to laundry + organizing but we were excited to be able to utilize it. So today I’m sharing all the organizing details that went in to our Laundry Room!

Kailee Wright Laundry room

white containers  |  black labels  |  basket  |  hanging tags  |  rug  |  cabinet hardware navy pillow  |  stripe pillow


With 7 people in the house, I swear the mudroom/laundry room has become the dumping ground for all the things. From baseball equipment to snow boots it all seems to find a home in this space. After seeing how well the pantry organization has worked for us, I knew I wanted something similar for the Laundry Room. So when The Container Store reached out to help, I was ready for an organizing overhaul!

I was actually shocked at how well the little people have kept things in their place in the pantry, thanks to designated boxes and easy to read labels. I wanted the same easy flow in the Laundry Room too. Everything from light bulbs, sports equipment, snow clothes, and first aid supplies each has an easy to locate home. It has made it so much easier to keep clean. My biggest tip is to have the option to close door to hide everything away, like these cabinets. If you don’t have time to completely organized, you can keep it covered.

Kailee Wright Laundry room

cabinet hardware  |  storage basket  |  houston jeans  |  harper romper + headband  |  bag


I also love having these lockers. Each of our people has their own locker and love it! Joe + I have even been sharing with the babies because they are so convenient! It is just so nice to have one easy to find spot for their school things.

So if you are looking for easy organization options, The Container Store is the place to go! They have a box, bin, or basket to fit every need you could have. Even if you feel like you don’t know where to start, they have organizing experts to offer their tips. My favorite options are these white + grey baskets. I have them in the Pantry + Master Closet because I love them so much. The white are so easy to clean and I love the simple look. The grey hide their contents well and a pop of color + texture, so it isn’t completely white and sterile.

Kailee Wright Laundry room

white containers  |  labels  |  basket  |  hanging tag

Even if you aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and organize your space, now is the time to head to stock up. Also The Container Store is having their closet sale now through May 13th and the prices are some of the best they have all year. I always take advantage and stock up on everything for future projects because you can’t beat the deals!

Kailee Wright Laundry room

black wire organizer

Kailee Wright Laundry roomKailee Wright Laundry roomKailee Wright Laundry room

light roller shades  |  washer + dryer (from Boulevard Home Furnishing)  |  grey towel

Kailee Wright Laundry roomKailee Wright Laundry roomKailee Wright Laundry room

clear bins:  small + large black tags

Kailee Wright Laundry room

. . . LINEN CLOSET . . .

Kailee Wright linen closet

grey baskets  |  black tags  |  towels

Kailee Wright linen closetKailee Wright linen closet

in partnership with the container store

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  1. Just wondering if that exact rug is from Target? I couldn’t find it with the link provided and loved it! You have great style!!

    1. Hi! Thank you! Yes it is, but I think it must be an in store only item. I did for sure get it at Target recently though.

    1. Hey Tiffany! We actually didn’t purchase it at a store…The guy that did our cabinets throughout the house did it for us.


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