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3 Tips for Cleaning with Kids

Kailee Wright Dyson vacuum


It’s no secret I’m a super clean person! I can’t handle messes + germs and really feel like I am so much more productive + happy in a clean space. As the little people get older, Joe + I have tried to teach them they all have a responsibility to help with the cleaning. I talked about how we do our daily chores here, but  they are kids and aren’t always jumping for joy to pitch in. haha. Over the years we’ve figured out a few tricks that have helped! So today I wanted to share 3 of our go to tips to make cleaning with kids not become a chore itself, and why eBay is my new favorite place to shop cleaning supplies!

Kailee Wright Dyson vacuum


Even as an adult, cleaning can be so mundane. It is amazing to me how a few changes to the typical routine can make it so much easier. The best thing we like to do during a big cleaning session is turn on some dance music. Something about dancing around just makes it feel like a party instead of a chore. Before I know it, all the complaints have stopped and my people are laughing and having the best time. Plus have you seen the babies dance moves?!

Another fun one we do a lot to motivate the little people while cleaning is turning on a timer. Something about turning it into a competition or race against the clock makes it so fun! I’ve seriously never seen my people move so fast just to get that satisfaction. They are so distracted by the clock they don’t have time to complain or snail their way through it. Major win in my book!


When we moved in to the new house we installed a central vac to keep up with the messes. Right now with two babies eating multiple times a day, pulling out the central vac is not very practical, and really a pain in the butt. I didn’t want to buy a huge vacuum because that defeats the purpose of the central vac. I wanted something small that the kids would think was fun + easy to use so they’d be more excited to pitch in.

A few friends online had shared this hand held vacuum with rave reviews, and had me interested. I wanted to try it! It looked perfect for the little people but the price was a little shocking. When searching online, I found out eBay had so many good options at up to 50% off the typical price + free shipping. There are tons of “buy it now” items, and while used is an option, they have refurbished and new for great prices too.

But back to the vacuum, it has seriously been such a game changer! I’m not kidding when I say my little people now fight over who gets to clean up little messes around the house. By far the most in love is Houston. I’ve shared over on my Instagram Stories how obsessed he is with cleaning, so getting this vacuum was like a dream come true for him. Haha! He follows Harper around with it, cleaning up her every crumb. Had I known that, I would’ve bought it years ago!

Another way that has helped bring things to their level is letting them pick out their own cleaning supplies. Something about having your own cleaning supplies, or even dishes that are yours makes them take an ownership and want to keep their things nicer.


Cleaning with kids, and the complaints that come with it can be frustrating. For us, we always try to focus on a reward and not a punishment. If I really want their help and little complaining, I’ll offer 15 minutes of tv, or a trip for ice cream if they can get it done in a certain amount of time.

I’m really no expert in this, but we do our best to try and push the importance of taking responsibility. We are in this as a team and we all gotta pitch in! I hope some of these tips will you and your people be a little cleaner + happier at the same time!

Kailee Wright Dyson vacuumKailee Wright Dyson vacuumKailee Wright Dyson vacuumKailee Wright Dyson vacuumKailee Wright Dyson vacuum

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  1. I love your Ebay tip! My little is only 8m old so we have a while before I can get him to help me clean. We just bought a Bissell Crosswave since our home is all tile and we have 2 cats and a dog. Sweeping kills my back, let alone having to mop after! So I got this little gem that does it all in one for $220 on sale at Target. Well I just checked and it’s $99 refurbished on Ebay! Score! Going to return the other one to Target tomorrow. Thanks so much for the tip.

  2. 15 minutes of TV? After reading that I am thinking I let my kids watch too much tv! How much tv/electronics do your kids get a day? Do they mainly just do their homework and play together after school?

  3. Thank you for the tips! I love your coffee table! We just moved and I’ve been looking for one! Will you please let me know where you got yours?? Thanks 🙂

  4. Great ideas! I couldn’t help but notice your gray striped rug. Where is it from please? Thanks in advance!

  5. Can you use the hand vac to clean under the table after meals? I am always on the ground on my hands and knees wiping up pieces of fruit, etc that get dropped!


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