Celebrating Our Sweet + Spicy 7 Year Old Hayden - Kailee Wright
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Celebrating Our Sweet + Spicy 7 Year Old Hayden

kailee wright hayden 7th birthday

If you know Hayden, then you know the words sweet + spicy sum her up perfectly! She is the funnest little firecracker you will ever meet so we love any chance to celebrate her! She is turning the big SEVEN today so I thought we would help celebrate her by sharing 7 fun facts about our girl!

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  • When Hayden was a toddler she was our absolute FAVORITE, if you are allowed to say that as a mom. Of course we love all of our little people equally, but you guys we could not get enough of her. She was an absolute crack up and my whole family still talks about the funny things she would do. She could command a room and have us all dying laughing with her crazy antics. We still love to look back at the videos with her.
  • Hayden is such a tom boy, but so girly at the same time. She loves the glitter and the nail polish and the lipstick, but wants to be out getting dirty in the yard just as much. I love that about her.


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  • Hayden is a girl that knows what she wants. She is not a follower in any way. A prime example of this is when we went to buy her panties. Typical little girls would want all things princess and flowers. Not our Hayden. She picked out Ninja Turtles + Star Wars and rocks them every day.
  • With her knowledge and determination of what she wants comes so trials too. She is definitely our hardest child so far because she is so determined and doesn’t like to settle for anything but her own plans. I know it will serve her so well as she gets older and she will do amazing things with that determination, but all bottled up in a seven year old isn’t always easy!

kailee wright hayden 7th birthday

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  • Hayden absolutely loves to dance and is really so good at it. That being said, she is not currently in dance class because she doesn’t like to be told how to dance. She just wants to do her own thing, but wow is she good at it. The girl has some serious rhythm and I love watching her hip hop dance.
  • She started soccer this year and honestly, we thought she would be one of the girls out picking flowers and chatting with her friends. But like always she has proven us wrong and has been killing it. They moved her up to the team older than her and she loves it. She volunteers to be goalie all the time and has been doing so good!
  • Hayden is in first grade this year and is part of the Chinese Immersion program her school offers. Leading up to her first day I was so nervous. Imagining her sitting in a classroom where the teacher only spoke Chinese just blew my mind. I’m happy to report she is actually loving it and catching on quick!

kailee wright hayden 7th birthday

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That pretty much sums up our Hayden girl. She is all things sweet, spicy and a little sassy and we are so happy she is part of our crew!

photos : aubrey taiese 

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