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Questions + Answers


. Outfit details HERE + these are my “absolute, most favorite, perfect fitting jeans ever” HA! bag

So a few weeks back I opened up on Instagram and snapchat saying I would answer any questions you all had… anything you threw at me. Haha. It was fun going through all of your questions!! I tried to answer almost all of them, but after I had made the video the questions kept coming in. So below I tried to answer and link to the last of them. Thanks so much for all your support!! Plus subscribe to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL to be the first to see new videos. I just love you guys!!

. . . MORE QUESTIONS . . .

Everything I packed in my hospital bag HERE.

The amazing product I swear by to help me get back to my pre-pregnancy size HERE!

I talk about my miscarriages HERE.

How I curl my hair + all my hair products HERE + the VIDEO.

The best of the best baby gear + essentials HERE.

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  1. Love love love your blog and your beautiful family 🙂 where is your backpack from? I couldn’t follow the outfit detail links for some reason.. Hehe. Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for the great video! I just purchased the Nume wands you advertised in your hair tutorial and I used one today for the first time — loved it!!

  3. I should have asked, how do you fluff your pillows? I’ve been starring at them he entire video! They look perfect! Where are your euro pillows from, and where are the pillows you actully sleep on??!

  4. I love your question and answer video! So awesome that you did that and it’s great to know more about you! I am also a nursing mama my son is now 8 months. I was wondering if you have ever consulted with an international board certified lactation consultant that specializes in lip and tongue tie. A lot of what you’ve mentioned with colic baby and having to cut out dairy (I’m assuming because of reflux or gassy baby) sounds like your baby could have a lip or tongue tie. We encountered endless hurdles when we started nursing which all led us to finding out Judah was lip tied. Most pediatricians don’t recognize them but if you take your LO to a pediatric dentist that specializes in it they can help more. You can also research Pinterest or the Internet for more info! I just can’t help but share with other mommas because getting that minor problem fixed made a world of difference for my son & i’s nursing relationship. Many blessings to your family! -xoxo Riana

  5. Hello!!!

    Loved this video. You answered the question in regards to sleep training and I am currently having the worst time getting my 8 month old to bed. He went from sleeping 8-9 hour stretches and going down so easy to now sleeping 2-4(on a good night) and will not fall asleep in his crib unless he is rocked for hours. You mention you let them cry. Typically how long for? I totally need some sleep training help!xo

  6. I am a med student wife as well. We just had a baby and are in the interview process for residencies. i feel ya on the single mom feeling. You are awesome and give me hope for having more than one child through residency haha!

  7. I enjoyed the video! I laughed bc your husband sounds exactly like mine in regards to social media, taking pictures, and being gone all the time (he’s a pilot in the military). anyways nice to relate to someone 🙂


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