Holiday Gift Guide: Baby + Harper 10 Month Update

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Our sweet Harper girl is growing up faster than any of us like and we can’t get enough of her! Today marks 10 months that she’s been a part of our little crew and it just keeps getting better! I love sharing updates with you about fun milestones + her current favorites so I put together a little list.

With Harper celebrating 10 Months, I thought what better time to share Holiday Gift Guide #2, one of my very favorites to put together…BABY! As a mom of 5, I consider myself  just a little experienced in buying for baby. haha! Kailee Wright-Honest Diapers


  • She is constantly pulling herself up on EVERYTHING and loves to be right in the action. I don’t think it will be too long before she tries to take on walking too!
  • Wearing mostly size 3 diapers (but could easily wear a 4) and size 12-18 months in clothes. She is so squishy I could eat her right up, and she is catching up to our skinny Houston fast!
  • Saying “Dada” all day long but has no idea what she is actually saying.
  • Eating pretty much allll the big people food we are eating and hasn’t found anything she doesn’t want to devour!


  • She has started doing a fake laugh all the time and it has us all cracking up. The kids will do anything they can to get her to do it and think it is hilarious.
  • Starting to show a sweet bashful side and it is so adorable. When someone will look at her she will bury her head into my chest and peek out every once in a while to see if they are still looking.
  • Was totally scared of Harley the new puppy. She is just now finally adjusting and not screaming anytime Harley walks by.

After all the years, I definitely have a list of my tried + true must have products that I recommend to anyone. They are all products that make both you + your babies life just a little happier, easier, and maybe even cuter too. So whether you are shopping for baby, or a soon to be mom, I’ve included my favorites in today’s Gift Guide!

xx – kails



under $50 : jammies (kickee pants)  |  headband bows  |  cuddle blanket  |  rock n play  |  swaddle blankets  |  bandana bibs or here  |  freshly picked moccs  |  noise machine  |  binkies  |  honest company bath set  |  teething rings

over $70 : ergo carrier  |  high chair  |  nuna sena  |  dock a tot


ALSO!!! I forgot to include our favorite swaddle sack and we use everyday + night!! You can see it HERE!

Kailee Wright-Honest DiapersKailee Wright-Honest DiapersKailee Wright-Honest DiapersKailee Wright-Honest DiapersKailee Wright-Honest Diapers

photos : aubrey taiese

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