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5 Tips +Tricks for Family Pictures


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Family pictures . .  the thing every mom dreads + loves all at the same time! It always seems to be the day our little people are their craziest!! So just about everything goes wrong! haha! The prep that goes into getting the perfect pictures can put our stress level over the edge. But the results are some of our most cherished possessions. I’m a mom of five, so I’ve tackled the task a few times. And I’ve learned a few tips + tricks to making the whole process go a little smoother + almost stress free.

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  1. Don’t get too matchy matchy: I have learned, that the less I try to match perfectly the more I end up liking our pictures. Focus more on coordinating, and less on exact matches. While a perfectly matched picture can look good, the more candid, real looking shots always win my vote. Go with some staple pieces you already have that your people feel comfortable in. Plus you can remember as some of their favorites.
  2. Pick out your outfit first: As women, we are allllways our harshest critic. If you don’t feel confident + comfortable in your outfit going into it, you probably won’t end up liking the final results. Flowy dresses are usually my go to, because while they keep a nicer look, they also aren’t too tight on the areas I’m a little more self conscious about.
  3. Add Variety: I always like to have someone in what I call the “wild card” outfit.  Whether it is a floral dress on one of my girls, or a brighter pop in a shirt on one of the boys. Added texture + patterns give the pictures more depth + dimension, and help keep things from getting to matchy.
  4. Timing: Especially when babies are involved, you know the difference in a couple of hours can make or break you family pictures. Schedule your shoot for your family’s “golden hour”, when bellies are full and naps are done to avoid anyone being grumpy or hangry (adults included!)
  5. Bribes: Yes I am that mom…haha. At least when it comes to something like family pictures. I usually hide a pack of Skittles in Joe’s pocket and sneak one in their mouths when they are listening extra good. Also I plan something I know they will be excited about. Like getting ice cream, and make sure to remind them that if they do their best smiles and cooperate, we get to go! Plus I feel like Joe + I deserve that reward by the end too!

With the holidays just around the corner, Christmas Card prep is in full swing. So I hope these tips help getting that perfect shot just a little easier! I’d love hear any tips you use too!

xx kails

(let’s be honest…we usually get a few of these during family pictures as well!! haha.)

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photos:  aubrey taiese + corissa 

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