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My Morning Skincare Routine

Kailee Wright PMD

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I don’t know about you guys, but as a mom of 5, I pretty much always feel rushed in the mornings. My focus is usually on helping them to get ready + out the door for the day, so I noticed I was tending to run out of time for myself! I knew I needed a quick yet effective morning skincare routine if I was going to be able to make it happen. So after a little trial and error I found my top products I am in love with and swear by. I use them on a regular if not daily basis, and made sure they are the most effective things worth investing in, with the least amount of work + time on my part! So since I know quite a few of you are in the busy mom mode too, I thought I would share my routine with you today!

Kailee Wright Face Routine Tula

PMD Clean  |  PMD tinted sunscreen  |  toner  |  vitamin c serum  |  face wash day/night cream

Ok so let’s get into the routine! Below I’ve listed what I use in my typical order, as well as why I love each one so much! Like I said, I keep things very minimal and simple so we are saving on time, but still being effective!


First up is face wash! It should come as no surprise to anyone that I love Tula. I’ve used them for years, but I can honestly say that even within just a couple weeks of using them, I noticed a difference in how my skin both looked and felt.

The first product of my morning skincare routine is their Purifying Cleanser.  I love the gel texture! My face feels so clean and refreshed, but it doesn’t leave you with that tight dry desert face feeling after using it like a lot of other face washes tend to. It is full of probiotics to help nourish your skin to give it such a nice glow. The size is pretty big, and you honestly have to use like a pea size to be able to wash your whole face, so it lasts forever! It is worth every penny, especially with the discount (KAILEE for 20% off) and personally wouldn’t be something I’d switch out for a cheaper option.


Next up I apply Tula’s Toner. I LOVE LOVE the gel consistency. It goes on so smooth and easy. I use it to help balance out my skin tone + prep it for the rest of the products or makeup I’m going to apply. Another perk is that it helps remove any bits of makeup that I missed in washing my face. Code KAILEE works for this amazing stuff as well!


As most of you already know, I’ve really been putting a lot more focus on taking care of my skin, including working with the team at Form Med Spa on regular treatments. They recommended I start using this Vitamin C Serum, and so far I have loved it and the results I am seeing. It reverses the signs of again by boosting your collagen, corrects hyperpigmentation, and protects your skin from UV damage. So so many benefits and it is so simple to add to your routine! You can use code kailee10 for 10% off.


I used to be a regular user of the spin brush, but after reading so many mixed reviews and horror stories about mold, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I use the PMD about once a week on my skin to help get rid of that dead skin so all these products I’m investing in can really do their job.

But recently I heard about their PMD Clean and fell in love!! It honestly feels like a luxury face massage from the comfort of my own bathroom. I will take either the Purifying Cleanser above, or my vitamin c serum and apply it with the PMD Clean. It vibrates over 7000 times per minute, so you know it is cleaning well but also tightens up your skin. The heat option is one of my favorite little features. It feels so good and it helps all these amazing products you are using penetrate deeper into your skin and really be more effective!

And I have the BEST NEWS!! PMD is giving you all 20% off the site with my code KAILEE20! So you can snag both a PMD or a PMD Clean!


If I had a number one skincare product I would give to every single person if I could, it would be this moisturizer. It is AMAZING!!! I’ve been using it for years and still stand by it. I love that it gives you such a moisturized soothed feeling without leaving that greasy shine some moisturizes give. It is full of probiotics + is like a super food for your face! If you were to invest in any product for your skin, this should hands down be the one, and with the 20% off code (KAILEE) it is a steal. I always make sure to have a few on hand so I never run out, and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to gift girlfriends.


One of the most important things I put on my face DAILY is sunscreen!! But you guys, I can’t stand the feel of regular sunscreen on my face. So sticky and blah! Insert my new favorite thing, Form RX tinted sunscreen. It doesn’t have any of the sticky feel of most sunscreens, which I LOVE, it feels just like a light moisturizer. And somehow it is magical and the color looks good on just about every skin tone, and evens out your skin tone just enough that you feel like you can go out and not need all the layers of makeup in the summer. It is THE BEST! If the price scares you, you honestly use the TINIEST bit for your whole face, so one bottle lasts forever. And you can use code kailee10 for 10% off!


As far as makeup goes, I honestly don’t wear it very often. I have my lashes and brows done, so I feel like with the tinted sunscreen above I can head out and feel pretty put together. But I recently stumbled upon this finishing powder and it is amazing. I swear it is like magic. It is suppose to “blur” your skin so it all just blends together in a natural look, eliminating any fine lines or pores. I cannot believe how great it works. It is made with rose wax and almond oil so it almost feels like it just hovers on top of your skin, it doesn’t weigh it down at all. I absolutely love the glow it gives your skin while staying so lightweight.

Kailee Wright Face Routine Tula

sugar scrub  |  eye balm  (use code KAILEE for 20% off both!)

These last two are new additions to my morning routine, but I’m already LOVING them so I had to share!


I’ve already shared about this at least 5 times over on Instagram. I feel like it is a tired mom’s best friend!! If you’re anything like me, the dark circles under you eyes tend to show up a little more often than you’d like. This new brightening eye balm is the magic cure to that. You can choose to wear it under or on top of your makeup. It just adds a bright glow under your eyes, giving you that wide awake look we all want. At the same time it has like a cooling sensation that feels so good. Ah I just love it so much! It has already sold out twice because it is so popular, so grab yours with my code (KAILEE) quick before it is gone again!


I just snagged this gem from Tula a couple weeks ago and am loving it so far. It is not something you would use daily, but more like every few days to once a week. It is an exfoliating sugar scrub that feels so so good on your face. While it deep cleans your pores and removes any dead or dry skin, it nourishes at the same time with probiotics so your skin looks so smooth and healthy when you are done. Hunter is already stealing this one from me because she is loving it too!

Kailee Wright PMD

That sums up my tried and true power products for skincare. They make getting ready and taking care of my skin quick and easy so I can always make sure it still happens, even when life gets crazy. I’d love to hear what your go to must have skincare items are too!

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