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My Top 12 Beauty Products of 2018

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I don’t know about you, but January always seems to be a month of reflecting for me. Looking back on things I accomplished, and changes I made to better myself. If you’ve followed along here for a while, you know that one of my big focuses for this year was to take better care of my skin. As I was looking back on that, I noticed that there were some clear front runner products that helped me to do just that this year, along with some other beauty items that have become my true favorites. My beauty routine is pretty simple because most days I don’t have a lot of time. So I thought it would be fun to round up my top 12 beauty products of 2018 for you, and share why I’m loving them!

Kailee Wright Best Beauty Products


When it comes to my beauty routine, there is a definite favorite for me that earns the top spot. The Tula Hydrating Day + Night Cream. It should come as no surprise to you because I am constantly sharing about it. I promise you it is really that good. Utah winters are rough, especially when I’m use to the California air. This has SAVED my skin and kept it soft and smooth. I love that it gives you such a moisturized soothed feeling without leaving that greasy shine some moisturizes give. If you are going to add one thing to your skin routine this year, I highly suggest this one! And don’t forget to use code KAILEE for 20% off of it and my other Tula favorites I’ll share here!


You are going to be seeing a lot of Tula on this list because it truly is my go to. I love the way it makes my skin feel and the results I get from it. The purifying cleanser is no exception. I love the gel texture! My face feels so clean and refreshed, but it doesn’t leave you with that tight dry desert face feeling after using it like a lot of other face washes. It is full of probiotics to help nourish your skin to give it such a nice glow. It is so affordable too, especially with code KAILEE for 20% off!


Speaking of exfoliating, if you haven’t tried these wipes, do yourself a favor and snag some. They are my FAVORITE for traveling. They are a tiny little wipe but they hold some serious power. Haha. You basically take the wipe and use rub a serum side all over your face. After that, you switch to the exfoliating pad side and start rubbing. You will be SHOCKED at how much gross dead skin and makeup residue this little wipe can remove. I LOVE the way my skin feels after using them. It is the perfect option for when you are in a hurry or traveling to just be able to throw in your bag.


I told you Tula would be on repeat on this list! The last Tula product to make my top list is the toner. It is such a simple product that packs a punch. It is great at kind of refreshing your face and really evening out your skin tone before applying your makeup. I’ve been using it for years and have really seen the impact it makes on fine lines and skin tone.

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While the cream takes the cake for favorite product, this 100% wins my favorite little beauty tool right now. It is just like my micro-needling appointments, but less intense. The best way I can think of to explain it in an easy to understand way is to think of getting your lawn aerated. This tool does basically that exact same thing to your face! It rolls a whole bunch of tiny needles over your skin, allowing all those amazing nutrient filled products to get deeper into your skin and do their job, while triggering your skin to heal + produce more collagen while it’s at it.  I was hesitant on if it could stand up to spa appointments. But I am here to tell you the results you’ll get from regular use are AMAZING. I absolutely love it.


I’m sure most of you already know all about the cleansing spin brush and use it in your routine. But I had to include it. I love that it gives you such a deeper feeling clean while still feeling gentle. It is supposed to give you a 6x better clean than just washing with your hands. Sign me up! My favorite is take it in the shower to wash my face while my conditioner sits. I love that it smooths out my skin and kind of preps it for evenly applying your makeup.

kailee wright nordstrom anniversary sale beauty picks


A PMD or Personal Microderm Device is something every single one of you should invest in, especially as you get into your 30’s and up. It is basically like taking the benefits of a dermatologist appointment into your own home! It exfoliates deep into your skin, and helps take away any sun spots or scars you have + also helps to reduce acne. The suction it uses even helps to reduce fin lines + wrinkles. So you’ll see brighter tighter skin just from using it regularly.  All those benefits lumped into one tool is amazing! I am loving the results I’ve seen from using it.


I don’t know about you, but for me, a good self tanner is a game changer. With naturally very light skin I need all the tanning help I can get, without actually sitting in the sun. I feel like I really did my research and trial and error this year, and have 3 favorites!

First up is the quick and easy, these tanning wipes. The color tone is perfect and they are really pretty user friendly. I love them for traveling, or when I’m tanning my arms and legs and don’t feel like I need to get it perfect on my whole body for a swimming suit. The BEST thing about them is they don’t leave that tanning smell.

Second is this lotion. I have never trusted the dang tanning lotions. They always transfer onto your clothes, and the color reads so orange. Not with this one!! It is the prettiest color and SO easy to apply. Plus you cannot beat that price.

Last up is my new favorite gadget, the at home spray machine. It seems very overwhelming at first, but after a few practices it is really so easy to apply evenly. I am able to do it mostly myself, or have had Joe help me for those harder to reach areas. I just do it in my shower and have loved having it in my beauty line up.

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Apparently we are following a trend with the exfoliating, because this lip scrub fits right in too. What can I say, I love smooth fresh skin, and that applies to my lips too! I’ve always loved a good lip scrub. Who doesn’t love silky smooth lips?! I love that with this one, you put it on just like a lipstick and can wear it all day because the little exfoliators disappear. Once they are gone it just leaves a soft rose tint to your lips and they feel amazing! And the smell! Oh my gosh you’ll die.


When it comes to top beauty products we can’t forget hair. Having done hair for so many years, I’m always looking for things that will really strengthen my hair and make it healthier. One of my favorite things to give your hair that boost it needs, especially in the drier months is a good hair mask. It nourishes and moisturizes your hair, giving it a healthier shinier look.

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If you are in the market for a new curling iron, this is for you. I try to avoid extended heat on my hair as much as possible, to keep it healthy. This curling iron stays evenly heated and gives you quick amazing results, so you aren’t having to redo the same hair over and over and causing further damage.

kailee wright nordstrom anniversary sale beauty picks


This blow dryer has been a game changer for me and the only one I’ll use on my hair. It uses a controlled heat level so it is never over heating your hair, but has a wide air stream so it still dries your hair quickly. It has something called an ion generator as well so it never gives you frizzy hair. As someone that has naturally curly hair, this is SUCH a great feature to have.

That sums up my top beauty products of 2018! I’ve noticed as I get older, my focus is really on products that focus on health. Whether it is healthier skin or hair, these products have had such a positive impact. So I wanna know, what are your favorite beauty items?!

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