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Celebrating 2 Years With Our Sweet Harper Girl

kailee wright harper turns two

pink dress + leggings + headband + baby doll

Our sweet Harper girl is officially TWO years old!! I am having all the feels about it, but most of all feeling so lucky to have her. Right after I delivered Houston, (like within a few hours or so), who we thought was our last, I had a major feeling that I wasn’t done yet, and we still had a baby girl waiting for us. I’m so glad we listened and tried for one more.

She is as sweet as they come, constantly has us laughing, and has the littlest bit of sass to keep us on our toes. We couldn’t have asked for a better finale to our family, and just wish she would stop growing up so fast!! It has been a while since I updated you on all things Miss Harper, so today I’m sharing some of her current favorites, as well as a peek into her birthday party!

Harper at age 2 is :

  • OBSESSED with “Baby Shark”. We sing it all day long, and she loves dancing to it. She loves to add shark to everyones name, and can’t get enough of it. Which is why we went with her party theme, which you’ll see below.
  • Is TALKING a ton and loves to copy what any of us are saying. She can say our names in the cutest little voice and I could listen to her all day.
  • Is starting to get into the independent stage and wants to do everything herself. She will not let you help her put her shoes on and refuses to wear a coat.

kailee wright harper turns two

  • LOVES baby dolls and takes hers with her everywhere! She loves to carry it in her little solly wrap, tuck it in for naps, and feed it. My mom got her a little doll swing for her birthday, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so happy. If you saw her open it on my stories, you saw that look in her eye. It was so so sweet and she hasn’t put it down since!
  • LOVES pretend play. Her favorites are cutting up food and cooking it in her play kitchen, and being the best little mommy to her baby doll.
  • Wants to do everything Houston is doing. This includes trying to potty train with him (hoping for a 2 for 1!), and following him around. They are the cutest little pair when they aren’t fighting.
  • She is our little chub and wearing size 2-3. Houston is basically the same size as her, and just now going up a size in pants. They get mistaken for twins pretty often!

kailee wright harper turns two

pajamas + headband  ||  cake stand + “2” balloon + silver gumballs + candles

For her party I decided to keep things pretty simple. I really wanted to focus on our Harper girl, so we just had family over. Like I said above she LOVES “Baby Shark” so we went with that. She was so excited over the little details, especially her jammies!

We spent the day at Top Golf where watching her is basically the best thing ever. She has to do it herself and has us all dying! We ordered pizza because going out with babies did not sound like something she or any of us would love. It made for the perfect care free relaxed night celebrating our girl.

For the cake I of course went with one of my favorite recipes from my girl Courtney. She is the queen of cakes and has the best tips! The cake topper I originally ordered of course didn’t come in time, so I raided the playroom closet and found this toy shark and went with it! I think once we added the sprinkles and balloon it turned out pretty cute! The best part was she was our only kid that had no idea what to do when it came time to blow out the candles. It was so funny! She just looked at us all like we were crazy!

kailee wright harper turns two

If I could I would bottle her up and keep her this age forever. She is the sweetest little side kick and exactly what our family was missing. We love you Harper girl!

photos : aubrey taiese 

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