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Why You Should Add Greenery In Your Home

Kailee Wright Adding Plants and Greenery to your Home

my top + jeans + hat  ||  planters + plants  ||  picture frames

Anyone else out there feel like the winter is just never going to end? January lasted for what felt like a year, and February doesn’t seem to be in any big hurry to leave either! This California/Southern Utah girl is ready to thaw out already!! With outside being so dreary and gloomy, I decided I needed to make sure my home didn’t feel the same way to avoid seasonal depression. Cue allllll the greenery. It sounds silly, but I have noticed it has made SUCH a difference in the life and feeling in our home. So today I wanted to share a few reasons why you should add greenery to your home too!

Kailee Wright Adding Plants and Greenery to your Home

my top + jeans + shoes + bag  || harper outfit + beanie  ||  planter + snake grass

#1 Greenery instantly livens up your space and enhances your decor –

When it comes to design, I like to keep things pretty clean, simple, and neutral. It is a great way to ensure your house is timeless and you aren’t constantly having to change pieces based on what is trendy or in at the current time. But sometimes neutral can seem like it lacks a little something, or is all one note. Cue greenery! It instantly brings a pop of color and texture to the space. The green gives your eye something new to look at it. In addition to the plant itself, a good planter can be that change the space needs too. They usually have a fun texture and can be the pop of color too.

Kailee Wright Adding Plants and Greenery to your Home

#2 Greenery makes people happy! –

There is something about seeing that life and light in a space that just brightens your mood. It has helped my home to feel more alive and for real happy during a long winter. My plants and greenery are almost always the first thing people comment on when they come over, and I believe it is because it does give them a little boost of happiness. I might sound crazy, but they make me feel more optimistic in my day too. Everything isn’t one note, gray, and cold like outside. They remind me summer is going to come back!! Haha!

Kailee Wright Adding Plants and Greenery to your Home

#3 Not all Greenery is created equal-

When it comes to picking out your plants and greenery, do not go all fake. I know its easier, but I promise you will love the difference of having real with some fake ones mixed in. If you don’t feel like you have a green thumb, I get it!! This was me 100% when we first moved in. Go to your local nursery and ask them for something that is kill proof. Starting simple will give you that slow boost of confidence to add as you go. You DO NOT need to start with a full on greenhouse. Start with something in your main living space that you will see consistently and really benefit from, and then go from there.


Overall, greenery should be your favorite accessory when it comes to home design. It is simple and timeless, and the benefits to your home and life are so worth it!


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  1. Hi there! Do you mind sharing where the large gray planter boxes are for? I don’t see them in your list. Thanks!

  2. How do your small kids do with staying away from the plants and not picking them or putting toys in the dirt? I have a 3,4, and 6 year old and I feel like flowers in the house would be a mess. But, your house looks great in all pics!

  3. Hi,
    Can you tell me what you have your planters sitting on? I love the look and k ow they just have to be sitting on something to protect the floor?? Your home is just beautiful and we are thinking of putting PLANters in our entry.
    THAnk you so much


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