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10 Valentines Gift Ideas for You AND Your Man

Valentines gift ideas for her and him

joe similar top + shorts + shoes  ||  my top + skirt + shoes  ||  planter + plants

Valentines is just around the corner! Although it is a small, pretty simple holiday, it has always been one of my favorites! I love any chance I can get to celebrate the ones I love most a little extra. Plus I always love a little something out of the ordinary to look forward to in what feels like a never ending winter. Thinking of what to get for your man for Valentines can be tricky, especially when it feels like you just used all your brilliant ideas on Christmas. Am I right?! So I rounded up 10 of my favorite go to’s for Joe AND 10 things I’m dropping as hints for him to get for me for Valentines too! It doesn’t hurt to give them a little nudge in the right direction, right?!

Valentines gift ideas for her and him

First up is the men. I don’t know about you, but sometimes finding something original can be tricky for me. Joe is a pretty easy going guy, so he’d be happy with anything! So I asked him some of his favorites from the past + included some things I’m eyeing for this year!


water bottle  |  wallet  |  shoes  |  board shorts  |  red tee gray tee  |  portable charger  |  bluetooth headphones  |  watch band  |  leatherman  |  gift cards for date night

Water Bottle :
These water bottles are a major family favorite at our house. I love that they hold a ton, but most importantly that they keep your drink cold for HOURS. The straw lid makes them super convenient and I swear it makes me drink more. And bonus, this little gadget makes the bigger size fit perfectly in your cup holder!

Wallet :
You can never go wrong with a nice new wallet right? I mentioned these new ones we are loving at Christmas and had to share them again. They are super slim and hold just what you need. Perfect for the minimalist that doesn’t want to carry around more than a few cards. And so affordable!

Shoes :
Joe can’t say no to a new pair of Nike’s. They are his favorite and such a good quality shoe. I’m a big fan of gifting practical things for these kind of holidays. After spending more during the Christmas season, it is a little easier on your wallet to go with something they needed and will use regularly.

Leatherman :
Why not get the man who has everything, the tool that does everything?! I don’t think there is a handier gadget out there. From a knife,pliers, and screwdrivers, to scissors, a can openers, and a ruler, it literally has everything!

Board Shorts :
Another favorite, more practical gift idea is a new swim suit or board shorts. Spring is just around the corner (hopefully). It makes the perfect gift for them to have something to look forward too.

Basic Tee :
Joe is a pretty simple guy. Give him a pair of shorts and a basic tee and he is happy. Valentines Day is a great time to refresh your wardrobe and get a new color or update a style.

Portable Charger :
If there was one gift out there I think just about everyone could use, it’s this one. It has made it on my gift guides quite a few times, but that’s because it is just that good. You can use it to charge your phone multiple times before it needs to be re-charged, and has come in handy for us so so many times.

Bluetooth Headphones :
Who doesn’t love a good pair of headphones? Joe loves these for traveling, working out, or just working around the house. If you like to keep your Valentines Gift a little more simple, these are perfect. You won’t be spending too much but you’re getting something they will use so much.

Apple Watch Band :
Another simple and super affordable idea is to get them a new watch band. It’s always fun to switch things up again and go with a new color or style.

Gift Cards for Date Night :
We love making the time for date night around here! Whether its a dinner and a movie or just getting out and running some errands kidless, we always try to make it a priority!

. . .

Valentines gift ideas for her and him

my top + skirt + shoes + necklace  ||  harper dress + leggings + headband

Now on to the women! I don’t know about you, but I’m not above dropping a few hints for Joe of what I’d love! It never hurts to give them a little push, am I right?! Haha! These gift ideas would work perfect for a galentines favorite things party too!

my MUST HAVE moisturizer  |  candle  |  water bottle  |  sports bra  |  apple watch band  |  ring  |  mini bowls
flip flops  |  lip mask  |  swim suit

Moisturizer :
You all know by now my love for this moisturizer. I promise you it doesn’t get better than this stuff. Your skin feels so soft and healthy without any wet sticky after feeling. It is my #1 skin care product in my routine and I recommend it to every one I know! Plus you can use code KAILEE for 20% off! So you should probably just send your hubby this blog post!

Candle :
I don’t know about you, but I can never have too many candles. I love a good smelling house, without being too overboard and these candles are just that. If you need girlfriend gifts or something for your mom or sisters this is the perfect idea too! Small and simple but so good!

Water Bottle :
These are so loved in our family that I included it for both the men and women! Nothing like reaching for your water and knowing it will always be icy cold still. I love the straw lid on this particular one too because it helps keep it spill free around the babies. If pink isn’t your jam, they come in lots of fun colors!

Sports Bra :
It’s no secret that I’ve become a little obsessed with working out. You just can’t beat that mental high it gives you to start your day that way. So for me personally, I would love a cute new sports bra or some leggings as a gift!

Apple Watch Band :
This is another one I added on both lists! I think it such a simple, inexpensive idea that watch lovers would love! Plus I would love the option to switch up the bands depending on my outfit or the season.

Ring :
When it comes to jewelry, I love the simplistic look. I keep things very minimal, especially when it comes to rings. I love that this one is simple but gives you the stacked look. And the quality is amazing!

Mini Bowls :
If you seen inside my kitchen, you know I have a love for these bowls. I started “collecting” the regular size a few years ago, and love all the fun different colors. Just recently I came across the mini ones and love them just as much! They are perfect for little treats or condiments. My favorite is to use them for sprinkles or cookie toppings when we are decorating.

Lip Mask :
You guys. I’m sure you have all already heard about this lip mask. I swear everyone I know told me I had to get it, and it took me a while to get on board. But I am here to tell you they were right. It is incredible. My lips have never been smoother and that is saying a lot being in the middle of a dry Utah winter!!

Flip Flops :
You know I love summer, so I love getting anything that means its coming soon! Whether you go with flip flops, a fun new beach bag, or towel, it’s a fun way to look forward to a trip or summer!

Swim Suit :
Speaking of upcoming trip, at the end of the month Joe and I are escaping for our anniversary! I cannot wait, and thinking of the beach has me looking for new suits! I loved this one so much and thought it would be perfect for Valentines! Now I just have to figure out what color to go with!

I hope this gift list helps spark some ideas for your man, and maybe what you should be hinting for for yourself too! What is your favorite thing you’ve ever received for Valentines Day?!

photos : aubrey taiese 

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