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Valentines Gift Ideas for Your Whole Crew

Kailee Wright back to school traditions Hanna Andersson

hayden similar dress + cardigan + similar boots  ||  houston top + joggers + shoes  ||  hudson top + joggers + shoes  harper dress + shoes + headband  ||  hunter similar dress + similar jacket + shoes

So I wanna know. When you were growing up, was Valentines Day a big deal in your house, or more of a holiday you just kind of had at school but that is it? What about in your current home? For me, when I was growing up, my mom made holidays so special for us. Valentine’s was no exception and one of my very favorite days of the year!

The reason I loved it so much, is because of one special tradition. Every year we would make yummy treats + Valentine’s Cards so we could package them up for the neighbors. Instead of delivering them like a normal gift, we would doorbell ditch them with the little surprise. We LOVED it and thought it was the best thing ever as kids. Fast forward to my time as a parent bringing this tradition to my little family. I had NO IDEA this was not the norm. My naive self literally thought it was something everyone did for Valentines Day, and I couldn’t figure out why nobody ever did it to us in return! Hahaha!

My little people love it so much, that I had to keep the Valentines tradition alive, and I even do something similar for them. I package up a little gift, and some yummy treats and doorbell ditch them with their own Valentines Day surprises too! It has been so fun! You don’t have to make it over complicated or anything too fancy. In fact today I wanted to share some of my favorite Valentines Gift Ideas for everyone from baby to tween, and they are ALL under $25!!


kailee wright valentines baby gift ideas

baby doll  |  baby shark book  |  baby shark puzzle  |  our FAVORITE headbands  |  pink dress sippy cup  |  hat  | boys pocket tee  |  boys pajamas  |  puppy book  |  flip flops  |  striped tunic  |  stuffed animal  |  girls pajamas  |  beaded bracelet

First up is Baby! I swear Baby + Toddlers are my favorite to shop for because they just get so excited over everything! I can get Harper a new bow and she is thrilled! If you saw her birthday post, you know she is so beyond obsessed with this doll, as well as allllll things baby shark! Keep it simple and easy!

.  .  .

kailee wright valentines girl gift ideas

lip smackers  |  lol doll  |  nail polish  | dress flip flops  |  purse  |  bath bombs  |  bracelets  |  t- shirt

Next on the list is the little girls! Hayden is so fun to find something for. She loves all things pink and sparkly so Valentines Day is for sure her jam. Anything from a cute new dress, some nail polish, or chapstick works perfect for the little ladies in your life!

.  .  .

kailee wright valentines boy gift ideas

legos baseball + mitt  |  remote control car nerf gun  |  book hat  |  joggers  |  t-shirt  |  flip flops  |  socks

Boys are up next and they can be a little trickier. The older they get, the less they love the cutesy! My go to for Hudson is to go with something I know he already loves. Like the red baseball + mitt, or a new hat. Boys don’t have to be hard!

.  .  .

kailee wright valentines gift ideas for tweens

book  |  nail polish  |  flip flops  |  necklace  |  bath bomb  |  bag  |  skirt  |  lip gloss  |  top  |  journal

Last but not least is the Tweens. Too grown up for the frilly girly fun can be tricky to shop for. Sometimes I’m not even sure they know what they want! Haha! Hunter loves all things fashion and is always borrowing my stuff. So I think this is the perfect opportunity to get her some of her own. A new bag, lip gloss, or some simple jewelry is the perfect idea for your tween!

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