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5 Out of The Box Valentine’s Date Ideas

Kailee Wright Valentines date night ideas

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If you haven’t noticed by this week’s posts, I’m a pretty big fan of Valentines Day! How could you not love a holiday that is all about love?! In case you missed it, I’ve shared some fun gift ideas this week! I rounded up 10 ideas for the man in your life + 10 ideas of hints to give him for yourself….AND some super cute ideas for alllll your little people (baby up to tween!). With Valentines still on my mind, today I wanted to shift gears and talk about your date night. With crazy kids schedules and just overall busy lives, having the perfect romantic Valentines Dinner date doesn’t always happen. But you guys! That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your love! So today I’m sharing 5 out of the box date ideas I think you’ll love!

Kailee Wright Valentines date night ideas

Of all the date ideas I’m going to share, I think this might just be the one I want to do the most. I don’t know what it is, but the kid in me has always wanted to race go carts, just Joe and I. We would for sure be dying laughing and I think it would just be so fun to let loose. This would be a great idea for a group date too! A friend of mine told me her and her siblings/spouses all went to a trampoline place together and had the best time too. Whether you go with go carts, top golf, bowling or trampolines…just find something that makes you feel young and worry free again for a few hours!

#2: ORDER IN –
This date idea is only as fun as you make it! You might have to try a little harder to make it feel different or special, but I think it would be so fun, especially if you have a newborn and can’t really get out of the house. Pick your favorite take out and your favorite treat and bring date night to you! You can go fancy and make it by candlelight, or have a picnic in your living room while binge watching your favorite show. Valentines is about spending time with the one you love most, so all the fancy thrills aren’t really important!

I know what you’re thinking…date and sweat should never really be in the same sentence. But think about it! How often do you get to go get your sweat on with your man? I’m guessing usually you have to go at separate times so someone is home with the kids. I think it sounds so fun to get your sweat on together and maybe add a little friendly competition in there! Take a new class together…run a race…if it’s warm enough where you are, go on a hike.

Kailee Wright Valentines date night ideas

How fun would it be to play a little hookie from real life together?! Plan a day where your husband can go to work a little later than normal, or even take the whole day off. Drop the kids at school or with a babysitter for the morning and go to breakfast! Be spontaneous and make ditching responsibilities for the day worth it. Go tour some model homes, schedule a couples massage, or just do a lunch date and errands. Taking the time away together that you normally wouldn’t be able to will make it special.

February can be a busy month with school and kids schedules. Being closer to the holidays, it’s not always easy to take a full blown vacation. But what about a little mini staycation?! Find somewhere local that you can escape to for the night. Take advantage of the room service, the breakfast in bed, and the spa. Basically treat yo self! Just having that quiet time away can be the perfect recharge to your relationship.


So now that I’ve shared a few fun out of the box date ideas, I want to know. What is the most fun date you’ve ever been on?!

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  1. My husband and i are dew for a date night, or 3;) Usually we eat somewhere fancy like ruth chris. We try to sWitch it up a bit. Trying new foods is one of our Favorites. This Year for valentines day we figured we should get away… go for a short trip, just the two of us! We decided to go to seattle see the space needle and stay a few nights in a hotel! Catch a movie and play a game of pandemiC its a game all players play together against the board! Real fun! Just a small way to talk and work through a game together and have a good laugh:) happy valentines day! ♥️

  2. Ee always have date nights or week da lol we fo out have lunch or dinner , mt one of my fav was when we took kids to Grammas house and we stayed in cooked togther then shower we t shopping for the house and movie we Had dinner and just had time for us to yalk about life i love daye nights we going on a date trip to spain in teo weeks cant wait


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