Valentines Gift Ideas for Kids from baby to tween


hunter:  jacket  |  dress jeans hunter boots + socks  ||  hudson:  pants shoes  || harper:  dress headband moccs


When I was growing up, my mom made holidays so special for us. Valentine’s was no exception and one of my favorite days of the year! Every year we would make yummy treats + Valentine’s Cards and package them up for the neighbors. Instead of delivering them like a normal gift, we would doorbell ditch them with the little surprise. We LOVED it and thought it was the best thing ever as kids.

Now fast forward to when we moved to California. I loved the tradition so much I wanted to do it with my little family. We loved it so much but I always thought it was weird nobody ever did the same to us. Yes I was that naive! I had no idea doorbell ditching your friends and neighbors wasn’t the norm! I’ve continued to do it with my kids and they really look forward to it. It is such an easy way to spread a little love around the neighborhood.


stripe sweater  |  baby doll heart pajamas  |  headband  |  moccasins   |  unicorn  |  heart print dress  |  red dress


In addition to doorbell ditching the neighbors, I “secretly” do the same to my kids with their little gifts. Since it’s still pretty close to Christmas, I like to keep their gifts practical. I usually think of a theme to make it fun. In the past I have done swimming suits + flip flops on a year we were heading on vacation a few weeks later. If they need new shoes, or pajamas, I’ll tie that in. Combining the fun + practical makes it a win for both of us!

Another thing we have been loving is “dating” our little people. I talked about it being one of their favorite birthday gifts a few months ago, and now they want to do it all the time! The one on one time is something we all crave and it has been so fun! They have loved planning their little dates.

I’ve put together a little round up of some fun + practical gift ideas for your little ones! I’d love to hear what fun traditions you do for Valentines Day!

xx kails


slippers  |  stripe one-piece  |  purse  |  sweatpants  |  skirt  |  earrings  |  heart pajamas  |  sneakers top


and last but not least…the little dudes!



stripe pajamas  |  sneakers  |  swimsuit stripe tee  walkie talkies gel crayons  |  flannel shirt



hunter:  jacket  |  dress jeans hunter boots + socks  ||  hudson:  pants shoes  ||  hayden:  jacket  |  hunter boots + socks  ||  houston:  jeans shoes  ||  harper:  dress headband moccs


photos: aubrey taiese



  1. Jordan February 7, 2018

    Will you be doing a post on your date nights with your kids? Please do! I’m dying to get some ideas and know how you do it with all your kids! Also, what kind of treats do you usually take your neighbors? I love this idea and my boys will love it so much!

    • kailee wright February 9, 2018

      Yes!! I have it on the schedule coming up soon! As far as treats go, we usually do something like sugar cookies! It is so much fun!

    • kailee wright February 12, 2018

      Yes I will be soon! And usually we leave sugar cookies or some yummy candy! Just something easy!

  2. Anca Buia February 10, 2018

    Would lol be to hear what you would leave at the door, what kind of note and etc. I love the idea and I love traditions with my kiddies. I’m also the type to make every holiday huge 🙂


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