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Our Quick On The Go Survival Kit

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As a mom of 5, life can definitely be busy! With our 2 oldest participating on different competitive sports teams, you could say I’ve gotten pretty good at the role of taxi driver. Most of the time the 2 babies and Hayden are along for the ride, so I always try to have a sort of survival kids kit with me to help keep everyone happy! Since I know a lot of you are busy moms in the same boat, I thought I’d share what we pack in our on the go kids kit!


Kailee Wright on the go items walmart

SNACKS: Just before it’s time to head out, one of the little people is in charge of grabbing snacks. I shared how we keep everything easily accessible in our pantry here, and it has made such a difference! To make it quick + easy, we just grab a gallon size ziploc and stuff it full of the favorites. We ALWAYS make sure we include these Parent’s Choice Organic baby food pouches. The babies both love them + my big kids love the applesauce option too. I love that they don’t make a big mess in the car + are a healthier option. Harper is obsessed with these puffs too and would eat a whole container if I let her! Even Hunter thinks they are good. Haha! Our other favorites are baggies of goldfish, gogurt, and granola bars.

BINKIE + BLANKET: These are two items we try to never leave home without! Sometimes being out makes us miss nap time, so having these around are comforting if we are out through nap time. Sometimes just having them around helps the babies relax and take a nap! We love these blankets because they are so soft and light weight.

SIPPY CUPS + BIBS: If you haven’t tried these lightweight sippy cups, you have got to head to Walmart and get some! They are such a game changer! They work great even for Hayden, and I love not having to worry about spills in the car. Unlike a lot of sippy cups, these don’t have any little inserts, making them easy to clean. They are made to be disposable, kind of like a no-spills paper cup. The bibs are also something I always keep on hand. I don’t know about you, but I hate putting a dirty bib back in my diaper bag, so I love this quick toss and go option.

ENTERTAINMENT: Part of waiting through a practice, game, or even just a car ride is keeping everyone entertained. The babies love these little books + I think they are so cute. For Hayden I usually pack a notebook and some pens. Coloring + playing games like tic-tac-toe are some of her favorites.

Keeping our on the go kid kit stocked has been so easy with the help of Walmart. The online grocery pickup they offer in our area has changed my life! If you’ve been around for awhile you’ve probably seen me share on my Instagram stories!! I know that sounds dramatic, but it is so true. Also being able to quickly throw everything in my cart online, and schedule a time that we can stop by in our pj’s without getting out of the car is amazing. So if you haven’t checked if it is in your area, do it now. You will not regret it! And I wanna know, what are your must have on the go items for your people?

Kailee Wright on the go items walmart Kailee Wright on the go items walmartKailee Wright on the go items walmart Kailee Wright on the go items walmartKailee Wright on the go items walmart Kailee Wright on the go items walmart

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